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My friend, Deb Kartz, is interviewing me and other outstanding experts on How to Calm Prickly Children!

This live one-day show is packed with proven, evidence-based tools, strategies, and FREE gifts. It is a must-have for parents, health care professionals, and teachers who work with children or teens with emotional, behavioral, and co-existing disorders or other learning challenges.

Join FREE here: [Insert affiliate link here]

Imagine being able to stay in the comfort of your home listening to top experts giving you tools and strategies that are proven to make positive changes in your life, your child’s life, and your family.

Imagine your child’s future of success. Now that’s invaluable! You can join How to Calm Prickly Children for FREE and gain access to live interviews from experts in the industry. [Insert affiliate link here]

Join me as I join an incredible line-up of experts sharing their expert knowledge tools and strategies in my live show How to Calm Prickly Children. If you are a parent, health care professional, or teacher and want to gain more skills to understand children’s emotional and behavioral challenges… then this show is for you! Each expert will share their tools, strategies, and expert knowledge in their field with you!

This show is a must if you want to see positive changes in children’s behavior and coping skills. You will walk away with so many tools to help your child succeed. [Insert affiliate link here]

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Are you ready to transform your child’s emotional and behavioral challenges and get your life back? Sign up FREE for How to Calm Prickly Children. [Insert affiliate link here]

I’m so excited to share my expert interviews on the live show, How to Calm Prickly Children, packed with proven tools, strategies, and FREE gifts. Join FREE now! [Insert affiliate link here]

How to Calm Prickly Children is a must-have for any parent, health care professional, or teacher who works with children or teens with emotional, behavioral, and co-existing challenges. Join FREE now! [Insert affiliate link here]

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My friend, Deb Kartz, asked me to help her lead a life-changing live online show for parents and professionals to understand children’s emotional, behavioral and co-existing challenges.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reduce your stress and find successful moments in your life, your child’s life, or your student’s life every day?

If so, I have something mind-blowing to share with you, but you’ve got to act fast before it disappears!

You’re invited to be my guest on a live online show for parents, mental health professionals, community care professions, and teachers called How to Calm Prickly Children. This online show is to promote children’s developmental stages and manage children’s behavior constructively and positively.

You can register using this link!

This one-day live event aims to build awareness that parents and professionals in the children’s lives can shape children’s development and attachment needs through different experiences children face from day to day. This online show is FULL of basic information about a child’s brain and the central role the brain plays. Understanding how the brain changes in response to parenting and the environment can help to nurture a stronger, resilient child.

My friend, Deb Kartz, is a Parent and Wellness Coach and creator of How to Calm Prickly Children Online Show. She wants to share this exclusive invitation for you to be fully immersed in your heart’s dream to go from chaos to calm. Also, to receive guidance from experts she hand-picked for their expertise in children’s emotional, behavioral and co-existing challenges children face.

Sign up here!

Deb is a mother of three grown children who once lived a life of complete turmoil and trauma for over two decades. After years of research and education, she has been able to help her children through their trauma and transform her own life. Her passion is to educate and help others understand the importance of nature, nurture, and growth.

Together with my friends and colleagues, I want to give you the encouragement and knowledge to promote a nurturing, safe, engaging environment for children to encourage children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and behavioral competencies! I’ll be sharing my journey [speaker, please include your personal story here to engage your audience…]

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this link!